Weststar Financial Group LLCwants to help you with creating & implementing successful financial strategies. As your partner, we will help you, reach the goals you have set for yourself and your clients.  Voya Financial Advisors, a full service securities brokerage firm, offering a wide variety of investments and services and WestStar Financial Group, can help make it easier for you . How do the best get better? They surround themselves with people and resources that elevate them to higher levels. Thatís why WestStar Financial Group wants to work with you. You can be independent but not alone.

Voya Financial Advisors offers state of the art technology platforms matched with old fashioned mid western customer service. Whether you are a 20k producer in variable annuities or a million dollar fee based advisor, Voya Financial Advisors can provide you with a level of support, access to technology driven tools, and no end to products; all of which are geared towards making your success faster, easier, and simpler. Not so technology driven? You can still get a knowledgeable person to help solve a problem by calling our world class Resource Center. Education translates into advancement and opportunity, the National Sales Conference, the Premier Partners Forum and the Online Firm Element, youíll have a wide array of educational platforms available to you. WestStar Financial Group and Voya Financial Advisors is the winning team for today and the future.

The Voya brand provides consumers with a fresh, alternative way, when looking at financial services. This innovative branding strategy will differentiate you in the marketplace and gives you the edge you need as an independent financial professional. The Voya brand, with all its products, can add to your credibility and help with both prospects and clients. As a WestStar representative you will be the professional adviser with the Fresh Ideas, standing tall with the prestige of world class financial services behind you. There couldnít be a better time to make the switch and GO ORANGE!

You deserve an all-encompassing contract that recognizes your sales efforts and gives you the credit you deserve. Competitive products, superior service and continued innovation. Voya Life Insurance and Annuity Companyís tailored life insurance and annuity solutions help provide retirement planning, executive benefits, business continuation and wealth transfer.

WestStar, your future OSJ, offers personal service from a team of professionals located in the Pacific Northwest. Our job is to help you manage expectations, keep you abreast of issues in an atmosphere of change and make sure you always understand the nature of the changes before they can become a problem for you or your business. We can offer you an independent or a career track in the sale of Voya Life Insurance and Annuity Company products. Highly competitive compensation structure, a deferred compensation program and a recognition and rewards program, to acknowledge and compensate our financial professionals for a job well done. You can be independent but not alone. Whether you are considering switching Broker Dealers or not, you owe it yourself and your business to consider us TODAY.

*This page is available for anyone seeking job opportunities or wanting to be a registereed representative.